ImageI feel like I’ve been very disconnected from the blog lately. Why? Well because of two reasons;

#1 ~ I was cabin leading at a summer camp all last week, which would explain why my Instagram & Twitter have been all over the place lately.

#2 ~ I’ve just been getting over a cold & felt like putting no effort into anything… ugh, that makes me sound like a total lazy butt.

I did try the so called ‘scheduled posts’ while I was away at camp & I think they worked pretty well. Or – at least – I think it did? I mean that really depends on if you guys even really noticed I was gone or not. I don’t know why I am ranting about all this, I suppose because I have felt like I haven’t added anything personal in a while.

ANYWAY… I shall try to be more in-the-moment now that I am done with taking care of 10 year old girls, the annoying runny nose, soar throat & coughing fits.

Take care all you loyal followers 🙂 (& to the newbies as well!)

xxoo, Jenny

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