ImageI’ve always been a fan of this style of pant. They are extremely comfy but also give off the vibe of “fashionista”. I used to think that these pants could only be worn by a classy & elegant style, but I was very wrong. After doing some exploring of my own I have put together 3 distinct styles that can include this pant type. But it doesn’t just stop here,

there are endless styles that would collaborate with these pants. It just takes a little bit of adventuring out.

H&M Loose-fit Pants


H&M Printed Design tank

asos America White Sneakers

The Trend Boutique Fringe Cross-body


TOPSHOP button up tank

Bib & Tuck Light Brown Oxfords

Cambridge Satchel Company brown Structured Tote


CARVEN Cotton-Poplin shirt

Sam Edelmen Darla Pump

Rochas Bicolor Tote

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