ImageI can now say that this song is me 🙂Now, here is the question everybody asks. Do I feel different? Actually, yes I do! As weird as it may sound.

AH! I’m seventeen 😀


1.) I love to get the house to myself; make noodles, watch kids movies & eat lots of candy

2.) The sound of loud chewing might as well be an invitation for me to leave

3.) My dream school  is The Juilliard School

4.) I have an obsession with Blake Shelton (newfound)

5.) Deathly scared of any flying bug that is yellow and black

6.) My hair is growing painfully slow for my patience right now

7.) I cannot go to sleep without washing my face


9.) I’m bad at thinking of unique things to say about me

10.) I never like to have “un-unique” phone case

11.) Brunch is my favourite meal to got to a restaurant for

12.) It is a constant battle between Chai Tea Lattes & London Fogs during Starbucks lineups

13.) My favourite thing to bake is vanilla cupcakes

14.) I’m sometimes tempted to wear fake glasses            *judged*

15.) I live on a farm but we haven’t had any animals in five years (HAY FARM!)

16.) I love living life

17.) I’m so excited to be 17 🙂

Kk, sorry; that was only 16.

8.) Candles are something that I love to keep in my room

Photo found here

What do you think of this?

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