I’m leaving tomorrow to go to my Aunt’s wedding in the Okanagan (more specifically ~Vernon~ but Okanagan sounds much more lovely and they are pretty much the same thing. Anyway, I thought I would throw together a little post of some glimpses into what I will be packing with me. How exciting, right? Haha… haha… not. Anyway I know that I may not be travelling every week to New York & Paris but I still appreciate you guys checking out my blog & being faithful followers 🙂 & to the newbies ~ welcome!

I am actually quite looking forward to this weekend because ~ well who doesn’t love a good wedding, right? It may only be a 45 minute flight to get there but it is still an exciting adventure. “Travel is not defined by the miles you cover”

ImageGot to always have the jeans!ImageImageMy dress for the wedding! What do you think?ImageThe collared shirts… never a mistake.ImageImageOh look… here’s Jenny looking really excited to pack. Yipee


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