I personally love having a blog, does that mean I have been posting twice daily? Sadly, no.

I really do love all you guys and I’m sorry I have not been posting much lately. Here comes the typical excuse: there has been so much stuff going on, now that we’re in the final two weeks before Christmas break. I had been studying to finish off an Earth Science course (so glad I never have to deal with science ever again!), an English project and test, plus my dance demo is this Sunday so the rehearsals have been quite hectic.

  But…….. once Sunday is over I shall get back on track 🙂 Next week is exam week at our school but I only have one exam 🙂 🙂 Yea ~ I’m not exactly an academic person. We still have to go to classes, but they always turn into a Christmas party in some shape or form; then once Thursday morning is done -> I’M FREE for 2013!

So excited to be able to do all the typical holiday things without feeling guilty about having to do any work! What about you guys? Any favourite part(s) of the Christmas season?


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