Band rehearsal → Drama → Art → Writing → Home → Mum getting mad at me for not managing my time correctly to pack {which I’ll admit happened because I was enjoying Gossip Girl} → Victoria Airport → Vancouver Airport → Kelowna Airport → Montana’s restaurant → Aunt & Uncle’s house

What my day looked like in point form, pretty much. I have to tell one story though… just one.  I had parked my car on the street at school behind a truck this morning, when I left in the afternoon another car had parked behind me… very closely I might add. This left me sandwiched in between to cars. I tried to look confident as I slipped in the drivers seat while secretly forming a plan as to how I was going to get my (sister’s) little Versa out of this dilemma. Long story short ~ I had my first bump into a parked car today because some student who was probably late for class did not take time to consider my departure time or plan. I was so flustered about hitting the car behind that I just wanted to get out of there, which lead me to not do a shoulder check, pull out & get honked at my an oncoming car {I DESPISE being honked at}… not my most shining day in the driving world. But I am glad to say that neither car got even a scratch! Thank you for giving me that very fine new experience, anonymous driver. ImageImageImage

#lol airport restaurantsImage#afterwardsImageImageImage


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