fdsafdsaIt could be one of those days where you really want to do something other than stay inside all day but the weather is not allowing that to happen. Or you’re trying to unwind from a long week and just want to tay in your PINK sweats for the day. Here are some ideas for you to use your indoor day as a productive day 🙂

I got out for Spring Break this past Friday, my family & I headed up to our cottage but unfortunately it’s been rather rainy. While being stuck inside I’ve realized some of you might be having the same issue; hence why I created this little list as inspiration for not watching TV the whole day.

Since I’m not at home, these pictures might not be up to their usual standard and some of the stuff may look a bit funny {OH NO!} ~ {the shoes are not mine}.

1.) bake

Find a recipe that you’ve been wanting to attempt lately & give it a try. I made Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Balls {long title, I know}.


2.) play a game

I’m sure there is a stack of games or cards somewhere near you… try one of them out. Gather up some people and make it into a group “passer of time”. But you can always play alone as well… sometimes being a loner is more fun. 😉

Image3.) read a good book

I never thought I would be able to find a biography interesting. Well… I was wrong. Once I chose one in an area that is of interest to me, I’m loving it! Plus, reading is a better way of passing the time than scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook. Agreed?Image

4.) get artsy

I like wandering through the house and finding unique ways to take pictures of the ordinary things. I’ve been trying to use my mini polaroid lately so I’ll just grab it and find the most random object & try to make it look interesting and intriguing.

Image5.) catch up on journaling

I always get behind in my journal, I love writing but most of the time I get to busy to fill it. On a day where you want to stay inside, it’s the perfect oppourtunity. *hint, hint. nudge, nudge*.Image

6.) organize?

Now that Spring is here almost here, you can get a head start on that spring cleaning!Image

7.) just relax

& sometimes it’s the best just to day dream. HAHA, cheesy but true.

Image8.) make a {healthy} snack

Invent a trail mix from the “random stuff” in the pantry. Or chop up some fresh veggies and fruits.

ImageImage9.) find inspiration

Sometimes I get the urge to find a new blog to follow so I can get fresh motivation. My latest discovery has been a lifestyle blog called Milk Bubble Tea.

10.) go for a workout

Keeps your energy up & makes you feel so good! 😀


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