If I’m being completely honest … a part of me has always wanted to be blonde. I mean, yes, I’m a dirty blonde but I’ve always wanted to be full fledged natural blonde 😉 Thought I’d share a few pictures I gaze at longingly on Pinterest. It’s funny that I would want to be the one colour of hair that the world makes fun of. 


5 6 7 8

These photos found from my Pinterest page and their respective linkssigniture copy

One thought on “BLONDIE

  1. I always dream of being blonde even for a day… At first I thought it would crazy up until top chinese models hit the bleach bottle and work the trend. It sort of gives a person a hgh fashion edge and with just a little putty would fix the hair. The key I think for having blonde hair is “the messier, the better”.. Think of Kesha and Zac Efron ❤

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