1 There is a fine line between summer and fall styles. But, that line still exists…. and sometimes you can find a way to stay sitting right on that line. I personally love the transition (in terms of fashion…. certainly not the change in weather), I feel like it gives you the opportunity to really go for a contrasting look. Not sure what I mean? I know, I don’t make much sense most of the time anyway. That’s why I’ve managed to find a few photos to inspire you!2 tank + long pants = still has the casual and relaxed summer feel from the flowy top but also the coziness of fall from the pants3skirt + sweater = adorableness 🙂 fall’s comfort with summer’s ease
4loose + denim = a casual look from the un-fitted shape of the shirt and still can protect you from a chillier day
5 un-fitted + overalls = basically a repeat of what the crossover is to me, feels comfortable but still very presentable!6shorts + boots = one of my favourite combinations 🙂 an easy way to work these back into you’re wardrobe and also is supa cute with dresses and skirts

signiture copyThanks to the links for these photos which can be found on this page 🙂


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