SEE YA L8R, 2014

I was going to do a big flashy post to close things off on allure de Vogue for the year of 2014, but I decided against that. Although, that basically is what New Years is described by…. glitter, shiny and practically everything flashy. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you all as we head into what I’m sure will be an amazing twenty-fifteen. I’m excited to make some new changes to allure de Vogue and I hope that you will be just as excited when you see what they are going to be! Unfortunately this past year I wasn’t able to post as much as in the previous year due to life calling me in every other direction (life does that a lot, doesn’t it? Tries to act like your boss all the time – well, I guess that’s something to be thankful for actually!) so this year, even though training in school is going to get busier I am not going to let this blog fall on the back burner! My personal motivation for this year is “JUST GETTIN’ IT!”. Because I know exactly what I need and want to accomplish in these new coming seasons and there is nothing but silly excuses stopping me from just going and getting them! Cheers, to you all! Love, Jenny 


What is going to be your motivation for 2015?

What do you think of this?

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