1.) Your Girls

22.) Chick Flicks

Basically any movie that your brother would complain about watching… that’s how I find the best romantic comedies 😉 33.) Pizza

Just don’t be counting your calories today, right? #CheatDaysforTheWin 4

4.) Magazines

55.) Baking 6

M&M Cookie recipe found on Averie Cooks Oreo Heart Truffles found on Chocolate Desserts OMG Marshmallow Pops found from Glorious Treats

6.) Seventeen Love Quizzes

Before you say you’re too old for these, just give em’ a try… they can actually be fun. Click here 7 7.) Valentines Playlist

8 8.) Mocktails

Or…. ya know…. the real stuff 9Recipe (& five others) from One Good Thing

9.) Pamper Yourselves1010.) Celebrity Crush

Just hit up Google Images & scroll ❤11

11.) Girl Talk12

12.) Truth or Dare


13.) Chocolate

You may have already baked with chocolate, but who couldn’t use the extra does of cocoa?

13 14.) Just Remember-

Valentines Day isn’t just a day to celebrate romantic love, but a day to celebrate all kinds of love (*cough, cough. Love of Chocolate for example?). So just enjoy a day of reminding yourself that you are LOVED! We don’t just have to celebrate it on February 14th, but it’s nice to have an excuse to wear a lot of pink 😉15

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY signiture Credits: blonde & brunette//girls slumberparty//pizza//magazine cartoon//pink tapes//spa girls//Chris Pine//girl talk//brownie//hot chocolate//icing//truth or dare//best friends//

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