1 I can guarantee that once September gets started & the dreaded school begins again there will not be as many pics to share (so apologies in advance); however, there are many at the moment! XP 

//1.ferry crossing from Victoria to Vancouver//2.roaming around VanCity//3.decor at the condo in Van//4.slackin’ @ work//5.lazy lake morning//6.catching up on the blog//7.tryin’a be artsy fartsy//8.cottage at night//9.sleepy, goodnight.

2//1.random #ootd//2.laxin’//3.waffles waffles waffles ❤ //4.bro getting some air//5.smoothie refuel poolside//6.cottage sunsets//7.morning latte//8.cloudy lake day//9.protein breaky[eggs,ham,peppers]

3 // tea on the lanai//2.more dock lazing//3.homemade banana chai bread//4.afternoon snacky bowl//5.sunset silhouettes//6.hanging with ma fave(sissteeeer)//7.mumma lookin stylin//8.millet ‘ramen’ noodles//9.mooooore lattes 🙂


//1.tryna be a roxy girl// campfire//3.tofino sunset//4.papaya snackin//5.bakery breakfast piggy//6.rainy summer day(oxymoron?)//7.stuck inside tryna’ instagram something//8.the calm after the storm…before the second storm hit//9.just one more latte


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