Um, who are you? Yea, my name’s Jenny. I forgot for a while that I liked to call myself a “blogger” (#lol).

For a while I got the idea in my head that I was #toocool to have a blog but these past few months I missed it like crazy. I forgot how much I relied on it to filter my creativeness; because as much as I love sketching and painting…. well… I’m just not too good at that. So, does that mean I’m suggesting I’m good at blogging? No… I’m still pretty mediocre. But I figured I’d subject my followers (if I even still have any?) to some more random posts of randomness.

I had considered just completely starting from a blank slate with a whole new site but I ended up changing my mind. I’ve had this blog since the craze of my high school career (aka Gr.11, the height of my teenage insecurities); and as much as I cringe looking at some of my earlier posts, they are still a part of this blog.

What’s changed? I graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts this past May, this summer I took the summer off, my cheeks are a little chubbier, spent lots of time on the water at the lake, my brother was my personal trainer, continued water skiing, explored new hiking trails, repelled, & chopped and dyed part my hair purple (#what?), and now I’m




So, even if the only people who might look at my material here is my mother (thanks mum <3) I’m still going to continue taking advantage of my beautiful camera and wifi access.








What do you think of this?

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