1 Basically just another weekend at the cottage (a.k.a. the best place on Earth). Seriously, I LOVE this place so much. I decided to snap a few photos this weekend just to share what all my summer days consist of 🙂 The first two photos were from the rainier & chillier day; hence the tea & cloudy skies.  Continue reading


canadian flag-Stock video JPEGFeelin the love of my beautiful country tonight. My amazing Mum threw together of course another amazing party in celebration of three events; Canada Day, my sister’s grad and my dad’s birthday. Only the party planner extraordinaire is able to pull this off with no sweat.

I feel extremely lucky to call Canada my home and especially Victoria, B.C. directly. I know it might be said that New York are Paris are some of the most magical cities in the world but I’d like to put a toll in for my hometown in the running. Because seriously, if you could see my view right now! Sitting in our hotel room watching the inner habour and the lights from the parliament buildings reflecting off the water (as cheesy and stereo typical as it may sound) it truly is gorgeous ❤ Could not feel luckier to live where I live. Continue reading


ImageLet’s just conclude to the fact that I am not very good at being busy. These past few weeks went by so fast that I didn’t get many chances to post much… well, anything. When I did get a chance to do nothing I was too lazy to do anything. If that makes any sense, then you understand me well & I need to meet you.

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