Yes, I feel like a local because I have my own nickname for Tofino (T) & yes I’m home (in Victoriaaaa)!!!! & yes, pease excuse some of these pics because they are crappy iPhone quality…… my bad.  Continue reading


1Spent two days this week in one of the top surf spots of the world… after my three years of trying to make it up there (when really it’s just a drive up the island). Not the best waves this time of year but I finally got to use my new Roxy board ❤ Also, got to go with one of my bestest friends to make it an even better time : )  Continue reading


1 I really did choose the best time to take these photos ~ right as the sun was at the perfect angle to create lots of annoying shadows and shine right in my face – causing me to make the beautiful squinting face.  Continue reading